The Association, in order to promote evaluation of services for children and families, pursues the following aims:

  • to promote cross-national research and comparisons on theories, methods and techniques for outcome-based evaluation and research,
  • to facilitate the exchange of experiences and knowledge on these subjects through meetings, seminars and international workshops and using publications and sharing knowledge through the web,
  • to conduct research and studies on outcome-based evaluation,
  • to disseminate the findings of experimentation and studies.


“… The soil in which we “planted” the Association tree has been cultivated year after year through the interest that the Fondazione Zancan devoted to evaluation issues during its training and research activities. Since 1971 the Fondazione has organised seminars on this theme and in the early 1980s several books were published (…). An important step in the development of a culture of evaluation was the international research seminar in 1993 in Volterra, Italy on methods and approaches for evaluating social services. On that occasion, different professionals, researchers, academics, and managers discussed ideas, experiences, theories, and operational and methodological solutions. At the same time, the diversity of participants nurtured a common work and allowed the examination of “evaluation” from different angles, comparing intercultural factors, shadows, and possible developments: this nourished an open and less deterministic vision of evaluative paths, their developments and potentialities (…). The international comparison we did in Tuscany in 1993 highlighted important issues related to evaluation and also the need for further comparisons and refinements. This need led to the organisation of a series of research seminars on evaluation, at the beginning at the national level in Italy and later at the international level. Research seminars on these same themes were organised in 2001, in Volterra (Tuscany, Italy) as well - a research seminar on Outcome-Based Evaluation: A Cross-National Comparison - and in the next year in Boston another. These seminars have been the basis for the constitution of the International Association”. (p. 1069-1070)

Canali, C., Maluccio A.N., Vecchiato T., Berry M., "The international association: Origins, history, and development", Children and Youth Services Review 31 (2009) 1069–1073.

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